What to Watch Out For When Metal Roofing – Chester County Homes

The popular YouTube channel Roofingfintelligence.com looks at how to avoid common metal roofing mistakes.

Even roofers who are professionals can commit mistakes that are common to not properly laying metal roofing panels. Make sure the lips are short enough to protect any extra-wide or fat lip. It’s much easier to apply the lips with fat first.

A common error is that screws are set improperly. The screws shouldn’t be bent to bend the panel of metal or the washer that is inserted between the screw and the washer. Additionally, you do not want the screw to be too loose. After you’ve screwed it in and checking the washer, check if it can be moved it. If you are able to, the screw may be loose.

Sealant can be an excellent option, but it’s not advisable to have over. Do not count on sealant to protect your house from water. The material can be damaged by sunlight and wet weather.

Many people let their panels extend over their roofs too far or even too small. An overhang that is 1 1/2-2 inches is suggested. It’s the same for the bottom of the roof and to the gable edges that runs along the top. jatjxbtb8t.

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