What is HIIT? – How To Stay Fit

This exercise methodology entails working at the maximum effort you can during a brief time, then taking a brief rest, and then repeating the process for a set interval of. The rest and working intervals are either short or long as preferred. Most workouts last between 4 to 20 minutes.

The methodology works with any type of workout as long as the exercise is done at a high intensity. Rest periods can be done via jogging, walking or stretching. There are many advantages for this.

People will save time at the gym. It’s simpler to work it into their routine. It doesn’t require any equipment for a great fitness routine, therefore visiting the gym isn’t necessarily mandatory. You can vary the exercise plan, as long as the protocols are followed. There are many who manage to stay on track. Some people have increased the retention of oxygen at higher intensities. This kind of workout could lead to improved oxygen intake following the workout. The HIIT workout burns twice as many calories than an aerobic workout lasting 60 minutes, and can potentially help shed more weight. 6yzmak5hkg.

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