What is a 5 20 Outlet? – Consumer Review

If you’re not using the right outlet, you’ll have a risk that you’ll be electrocuted or suffer a electricity outage. These are the basics of knowing how to locate and operate a 5-20 outlet.

They are often found in warehouses, construction sites, and industrial areas. They are an ideal choice in bathrooms, kitchens and garages. A 5 20 outlet can be able to handle 20 amps, 20 volts , and 2,500 Watts. The 5 20 outlet has a similar design to the 5 15, but it is able to handle higher amps and voltages. Both the NEMA 5 15 and NEMA 5 15 will function with these outlets. The NEMA 6 20, which is larger than the 520 outlets isn’t compatible with the 520 outlets. It needs to operate at 250 volts.

Contact an electrician within your local area if you have questions regarding the types of outlets that are available in your home. The electrician will explain the limits for amps and voltage. If you require a higher threshold, they will help you install high-powered outlets. This video can help to better understand how outlets work.


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