The Most Popular Commercial Roofing Materials – Boston Equator

Residential roofing isn’t exactly the same. Commercial roofs typically are flat, and most asphalt roofing materials don’t work well. Flat roofing materials such as single-ply membranes can be used instead. This video provides the most popular materials that are used in commercial roofing.

Metal roofing is used by businesses as the most popular roofing material. This roofing material is ideal to be used on sloped or flat roofs. They can provide better energy efficiency as well as durability. They also have one of the longest lifespans for all roofing materials, and last for up to 50 years.

The next step up is EPDM roofing. EPDM is a material made of rubber that became very popular for firms in the 1980s and the 90s. This is a tested and proven product that has the ability to be many layers thicker for greater security.

Thermoplastics are another popular single-ply roofing solution. There are two kinds: TPO and PVC. Both of them are excellent choices as they can stand up to the contraction and expansion caused by fluctuating temperatures that could result in roof damage. Both of them are white and reflect UV light, thus making them highly energy efficient. They also have seams that are robust, which prevents water leaks, and will reduce the requirement for repairs or replacements.

Find out more about the various types commercial roofing options, including modified bitumen in this video.


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