Make Your Own Cedar Fence For Your Home – DIY Home Decor Ideas

A traditional and old-fashioned fence isn’t the most suitable option for your house. For a truly unique method of privacy, consider making your own cedar fence panels. In this video you’ll discover how to easily build this project.

First, definitely purchase your wood. It is essential to purchase top quality cedar either from a small business or larger chain. For the best size pieces of cedar, take measurements of the space you’re planning to use. Once you’re back home, the man in this video suggests cutting the edges, as they can become frayed by the shop you bought them. A clean edge can improve enhance the appearance of your fence.

Then, you can create the end caps to secure them together, and some braces to lay across. Make sure you allow enough space between pieces of wood. After that’s all done and you’ve put up the fence, install some light fixtures to complete the look and set the fence up. xyhr3d7fhm.

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