Learn About Some Common Hot Water Heater Myths – CEXC


The film discusses the many kinds of water heaters, as well as some common misconceptions. Find out why you ought to be thinking about out changing your water heater and the most effective replacement alternatives.
You can learn ways and techniques to prolong the lifespan of your gas-lined tank for 20 years by simply adding a sacrificial rod every two or three years. The most common misconception discussed is whether or not you need to flush your tank every few years, or to extend the life of the water heater.
This video also provides guidance on what to do if your water heater leaks. Understanding what could do about a damaged water heater that’s leaking can help to reduce the risk of serious water damage to the home.
The Old House offers a variety of videos that answer your questions about your house. This Old House has a number of videos that will guide you through DIY projects, repairs or even improvements. Learn more about your water heater and other equipment in your house, the better you can maintain them.

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