Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth? – News Health

Have their wisdom teeth extracted at some time during their life. The reason why they must be taken out? Read on to find out the details about wisdom teeth.

At one point in time as we progressed Wisdom teeth played a role. In those days, our diet was very course, consisting of foods like raw meat, leaves the roots and nuts that required knowledge to be able to eat.

With the evolution of mankind, a lot has changed. Our diet is more refined due to the tools needed to cook and cut food. Additionally, our brains have grown larger, which makes our jaws narrower. Even with these changes, wisdom teeth are still in development, but there’s not enough space in the jaws for wisdom teeth to be functional. As a result, many sufferers have to go through a routine surgical procedure to remove their teeth.

The research is currently being carried out to stop the growth of wisdom teeth which would avoid surgical removal.

Check out the video below to find out more about wisdom teeth.


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