Tips for Installing a Car Windshield the Correct Way – How to Fix a Car

It is possible that you need your windshield repaired or installed. EricTheCarGuy, from Kiss Car Glass, walks us through how to install a windshield on the Honda Element 2004. Installing the windshield can be as simple as opening up the hood fast and then taking everything out within it until you can see the edges. The next step involves removing the glass and cutting the rubber surrounding the window.

When the windshield is taken off and the old urethane has been scraped off using glass scraper blades to get rid of any glass or dirt particles that have accumulated on the frame. In order to prevent corrosion and scratches, primer should be applied on the blade. The windshield is then bolstered with a coat of urethane. It can be applied with a caulking gun.


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