The Process of Installing a Pellet Stove – NC Pool Supply

A pellet stove creates heat by burning the compressed wood as well as sawdust. It is typically utilized in homes. The video illustrates the steps to install pellet stoves.
For the stove to be placed on the floor, a non-flammable flooring pad will be required. Three inches from any walls, the pellet grill needs to be removed from all areas that could be a source of fire. The pellet stove features an intake vent as well as an exhaust vent. A pipe for exhaust is connected to the exhaust vent. For the smoke to be released, a hole needs to be made into the wall. Wall thimbles are on both walls screwed to keep the wall safe from the hot pipe from the stove. To increase security, you can wrap insulation around the pipe running into the wall. For waterproofing, add silicon caulk along the outside corners of the tube. Drill another hole for the intake pipe for fresh air at a distance of 12 inches from the pipe for exhaust. Fix the mounting plate onto the wall. Join the pipe to the pellet.

Connect the stove to it to the stove, fill the hopper full of pellets and make sure the stove is working properly.


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