Maintenance Tips for Commercial Trucks – Car Talk Podcast

Over $1,000 is a lot, but consider the cost of repairs for commercial vehicles. There are over 10,000 tons of items to move, and there is no reason to drive a car that needs to be repaired.

In this video commercial driver discusses various tips for commercial truck drivers to maintain their vehicle and avoid the need for major repair. These maintenance tips can prolong the life of your truck and your vehicle.

The tires’ level of inflation is a great tip. Based on the amount of vehicle weightit weighs, it’s crucial to monitor the tire’s pressure to ensure each tire is equal. If a tire has low levels of inflation could cause it to blow up faster, this could create a safety risk for the driver , as well as the other passengers.

If you’re new at commercial vehicle driving the following video is specifically for those who are new to commercial vehicles. You can do yourself and other drivers an favor by taking care to maintain your vehicle so that no one is worried about accidents. These ten tips will make you more successful on the job of a commercial driver also!


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