Large Tornado Destroys Suburb – The Film Frame

Ornadoes have the potential to destroy whole communities. The threat of ornadoes shouldn’t be taken lightly. The cameraman in this video may be a bit too brave to be a good thing for themselves. It was a good thing they survived in the end. In this video, you will watch the rumble of a tornado over a suburban area.

The footage begins with a number of evergreen trees that are blowing in the wind. As the camera pans to the left, you will begin to observe the funnel of the incoming tornado. The tornado is partly encased in rain that makes it difficult to discern. That’s no reason not to capture this powerful storm. When there’s a tornado alert, people should seek refuge.

As the tornado gets closer, you begin to notice stray bits of debris floating through the air. As it moves closer toward the photographer’s location, the sound of the tornado increases in volume. The funnel can be clearly visible at this point. It’s both stunning as well as terrifying at the all the same time. You can also see pieces of roofing flying through the air. Following the storm, these houses may need extensive roofing repairs. The hurricane continues to slash another house. The cameraperson decides to flee from the storm and seek shelter.


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