Industrial Flooring Epoxy vs Polyurethane – Source and Resource

In this video, the difference between epoxy and polyurethane industrial flooring, as well as the various coatings employed for industrial flooring are reviewed. If you’ve ever wondered regarding the functional differences, such as compression and impact strength, the durability of both floorings made of epoxy or polyurethane, this video will explain, with pictures to match the type of flooring that will best fit for various workplaces.

There is more to these floors than how they appear. The way they react to chemicals , and are resistant to scratching or severe temperatures, are features which distinguish them from one another. This video will explain the difference between polyurethane and epoxy as well as guide you on how to use them in various conditions of weather. The duration required for both epoxy and polyurethane flooring to be coated and for a complete curing period is mentioned in this video. As a recap this video wraps up by providing a quick summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each flooring type. 7v4j9ktqp6.

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