How to Remote Access to Your Server Using Guacamole – Business Web Club

Access your desktop server via any of the Html browsers. It is accessible from anywhere. Here is how to use it to access remote servers from any location.
Users connect to the Guacamole server on any web browser. To access the server, select the “Start” button. The server will return you to your home screen. Click on your user account. You will be presented with you will be presented with a dialog box to enter your username and password that you created inside your account. Next, login with your username/password on the home screen. Then, you automatically join remotely-connected desktop sessions on the server. In accordance with the authorized admin or user rights that are granted to the server’s settings, the system could ask you to authenticate the certificate. Don’t respond so you are able to log in to the session. For remote access to an operating server, open the Start Menu, and click on Power. Click on Connect. It will disconnect the RDP session and take you back to the home page. Guacamole could be stored at any office or home to keep track of all remote connections. It is easy to install using a browser. Try it, and you will be amazed.

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