How to Pick the Best Trailers For You – Andre Blog

rwhelming. Luckily, all the options available mean you will be capable of finding the perfect trailer for you and your purpose. Read on to learn the details on trailers and how to select the perfect trailer.

Traditional layouts are the ideal selection. It’s a good value and provides 12 inches of clearance from the ground.

A spread torsion axle trailer is a better option if you plan on doing lots of road travel. These trailers’ wheels are spread apart and there is independent suspension under the trailer. As the distribution base is more distant, this decreases the amount of swaying.

An alternative is to use the offroad trailer. The trailer is 19.8 inches of space to the ground, making it great for offroading. It also comes with an under-side torsion axel that makes for a better ride. It is also taller that other trailers, and so you’ll get more angle from the ramp.

To know more, you can watch the above video!


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