How to Market an Auto Repair Business – Ceve Marketing

ET on Service, not Price

It’s important to compete, but you don’t want to compromise on quality. Every day you will come across someone seeking to reduce the cost and beat your competitors. It’s not logical to cut your rates if your auto shop already provides excellent service and competitive pricing. You will likely lose money on every job, and your customers will not be happy with their cars once they have left your business.

Instead of competing in price, focus on service. Learn what the market you are targeting likes and offers them better than any other auto repair business can provide. It could be as simple as giving a car loan when repairs take longer than expected or granting access to the services of a mobile mechanic who will come out after hours if needed (for example, if someone’s vehicle breaks down on the route home after work).

Buy Gift Cards or make use of Coupons

If you’d like to see more customers who come to your doors, you’re in the right location. Since you are a proprietor of a repair shop, you have to know that getting new customers is laborious. You can however use coupons and gift cards for more clients.

The first step is to use coupons. Coupons are an excellent method to draw in new clients and keep in touch with existing ones, but only when they’re implemented properly! If your coupon doesn’t have enough worth for consumers or isn’t meaningful enough to their needs (i.e., it’s not something that they’d actually need) isn’t going to do much good for your company. Coupons can be used to serve for marketing purposes.

They must be explicit on what is being provided (i.e. giving details about what price point is being achieved.)

They should also be accessible to the public (for instance, advertising on Facebook or other social networks).

Many people are attracted by these offers.


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