How to Decorate a Contemporary Living Room – Home Decor Online

If you want to, place it in a container then sprinkle rocks or chips on top to keep things looking organized and tidy. Adding plants is a great way to learn how to design a contemporary living room.
8. Colour

One of the key components of contemporary living space design is color. Contrary to what many people consider, modern style isn’t all about bright white. Look for ways to bring out a powerful contrast in the colors. Monochrome permits you to switch between extremes. Be bold in your color selections and don’t be afraid to move about the color wheel. Colour schemes with bold colors are the latest trend. They concentrate on creating fascinating visuals and contrasts. They are also dynamic.

9. The accent is made by metal

Contemporary living spaces, metal shouldn’t be only utilized for tables or various furniture items. Make use of polished, hammered steel for accents of metallic on anything from metal-trimmed trays to frames for photos to the frame of a long mirror on the floor or the frame of large floor lamps. A shiny brass frame to make an armchair or a vase in a glittering gold or even a wall cuff, gives your room a sleek edge. Metal accents provide a variety of options for decorating modern living rooms.

10. Lighting

Like how the textures must move from the ceiling to the floor of rooms, modern light fixtures for the living space should follow exactly the same. Recessed spotlights can be found in contemporary living spaces. They’re great with decorative lighting. Try adding a sculptural pendant lights to be used as artwork. Modern living rooms are one of the rare styles in which LED lighting strips don’t detract from their aesthetic attraction.

Utilize them to make a sort-of frame on your ceiling, or highlight a minimalist, geometric style by hiding them behind the soffits or dropped ceilings. Professionalists suggest sticking with two kinds of lighting. Lamps with anglepoise, conical shades or flared shades


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