How to Build a Wood Fence – Home Improvement Videos

Even though fence installation can be a simple job It is important to pay careful attention to the finer points so that you can do it properly.
It is important to first verify your property documentation and then draw the boundary lines of your property. Pickets or boards can easily be used to construct a wooden fence. In order to keep it private, you may construct a traditional or a transparent fence. Batter boards and strings will be required. Strings are required as well as batter boards.
After building fence with string, be sure you have it six inches over your property line. Now take the batter boards and secure them with the line of the string. The batter boards must be 5.5 inches in width and they should be covered by 0.5 inches in order to avoid it from collapsing during severe storms.
Pickets are available at any intersection to make fences that look like professional fences. You should leave a bit of space creating a gate of wood near the entry point. After establishing the string line, make holes every 8 inches to fix the pickets. The lines are marked with batter boards, and fix the soil by nailing it. After you have finished fixating the batter board, your fence construction process is complete. j3k9sdo7du.

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