How Printer Repair Services Diagnose and Fix Stop Jams – Geek Support Tech

Printers may have issues even though they are reliable. The most frequent issues people call printer repairs for is stop jam. If a stop jam occurs, the paper is jammed in the printer. It then stops working. If this is the case with your printer with lasers, this video posted here can assist you in resolving the problem.

To begin, you’ll have locate the source of the jam. For a look at the printer’s internal elements, simply remove or access the panels. Then, you should see the paper stuck somewhere within your printer. There are times when you have to lift panels to the back of the printer. If you locate the problem then you’ll be able to find out why the paper stopped there. It is important to examine the paper for damage and creases. There may be a need to verify the speed and sensor of your printer to make sure there is no damage. rj2w5ob5cd.

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