How Dissolved Air Flotation Works – Home Town Colorado

rs. This video will illustrate the ways in which DAF works to give your household clean water that is potable and safe to drink.

Within a mix tank, the flocculent solution first created. Then the dirty water is transferred to the initial stage to begin DAF. DAF process. The water is composed of solid pieces of matter that begin to gather together. The flocculent is added to combine them.

The coagulated solids as well as the water (also known as “flocs”, then flow into the main body of the DAF system. The floc is lifted up to the surface, allowing better filtering.

The water moves through a set of scrapers which remove the floc. This coagulated floc is separated from clean water by being scraped through a series of scrapers. The sludge then gets drained out of the remaining water.

The final step involves having the water being sent to an interceptor where it is treated for foaming and pH agreement prior to being sent to the sewers. The sludge is then sent to be treated and dewatered.

Use the above image to learn more about how the dissolving air flotation device operates.


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