How Amsterdam is Reinventing Trash Collection – MOR Tech

Employers send garbage trucks to take garbage and recyclables once a week. This works flawlessly. However, it can cause garbage to accumulate in large containers for up to once a week. This can make our cities miserable. In this video, you will learn about Amsterdam’s unique solution to this problem.

Instead of disposing of garbage in bins in the open, Amsterdam has garbage chutes that transport garbage to an underground container for collection. It keeps the critters out of the rubbish and also keeps the smell off the faces of passerby’s. Garbage cans come with compactors built in to maximize capacity of storage. Others have sensors to let the companies that deal with trash know when the bins are overflowing. The whole system is also very efficient. The crane is able to be connected to the trash trucks so that canisters are taken off the surface. It’s exciting to watch. This revolutionary system may be a solution for your community. The only way to know is time.


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