How a Roofing Company Installs Shingles – NC Pool Supply

Airflow is blocked and insulation gets ruined inside your house. This video will show how a roofing company installs the asphalt roof step by step.
Drip Edge

The drip edge can be found at the perimeter of the roof. The drip edge is designed to prevent pooling on the roof and leaks at the roof’s edges, where it’s most vulnerable. The drip edge is installed prior to felt, so it doesn’t let water get behind it.

Felt and Starter Strip

Felt is put in at the base of the roof up to the roof’s top. The felt is rolled by one person , and the plastic caps are punched at 8 to 16 inches. A starter strip then set up at the corners that form the roof. It helps to prevent rainstorms that are caused by winds.

Shingles and Ridge

Shingles are installed at the base of the roofing. They are meticulously measured and installed to help with total overlap and roof coverage. After being laid then they’re put in a professional manner to be nailed in. The ridge is then installed on top of the roof and then your roof is ready to be installed.

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