Follow These AC Maintenance Tips and Keep Your Home Cool All Year – CEXC

The video discusses some ideas homeowners can utilize to keep their AC systems in good shape.

One can avoid damage to the AC unit by keeping the vents and doors clean. They should be inspected and use a clean rag or a can of air to clean the dust off of the area in which it’s getting accumulated. Another helpful tip is to shut off the humidifier dampener if the furnace is equipped with one. The reason for this is that there is already plenty of humidity during the summer. Switches can be easily placed on top of the machine.

The return grille is an area that should be thoroughly cleaned if it contains dust and hair the.
The speaker further states that homeowners shouldn’t shut off all vents. The over-closing of too many vents may create AC issues, and can cause AC service. It’s better to leave most of the vents in use. n5wrfl45tz.

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