Dos and Don’ts of Business Cards – Sky Business News

You will need all the details needed to create business cards. This video will cover the do’s and don’ts of business cards.

One of the first things you require is a logo on the front and back. Most likely, this will originate from your company’s logo. However, ensure that you are using the same color and font for all your cards. Check that the back as well as the front of the business card compliment each other well.

It is important to consider the size of your logo as well as the text. It is important that people are able to read on your cards for business. Check out test prints to ensure that the message along with the logo is well-lit and clear. Business cards is to present people with your number and your name. If they’re unable understand the card, it can be an issue.

In order to keep everything neat In order to keep everything neat, make sure to keep margins in the card. It’s not a good idea for the text to get cut off! The video can be viewed for further details.


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