Dirty Tricks of the Bail Bond Industry – NYC Independent Press

A bank can give you an personal loan or even your family member can pay the court. Bail is essentially payments in cash or credit that guarantee the court that you’ll show up. After payment, the bond it will be deemed to have a release date. It is possible to take out loans for mortgages, like a home equity line of credit to stay clear of the bail bond procedure.

The best way to know the bail conditions of someone:
Criminal court dockets become a public records. You can phone either the pre-trial official or the county jail to find out the status of a person who posted bail.

The following steps will help you determine the bailee responsible an individual:
It is also possible to use this same method by calling the pre-trial officer or county jail in order to find out whom posted the bond. This fact is also part of public record.

Therefore, prior to searching for “pay my bond” and use a bail bonds agency, save yourself hassle and time. It is best to first research different options like a home equity loan or personal loans. kzeiqoqecf.

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