Basics of Front Door Access Control – Do it Yourself Repair

ature that can give you ature that can give you peace of mind. This video will explain how access control functions as well as providing security.

Controlling access to an area is called access control. Access controllers are responsible for deciding who can access and leave an zone. They also provide access keys which allow you to gain entry.

There’s an array of door strikes. But they can open doors when it’s unlocked. You can see if your doors’ contacts are both open and closed to let you know when the door was forced open.

For the purpose of sending signals to the controller, access card and keypad are attached. Access cards function as the translator from the keypad to the controller, and lets the controller decide whether or not the doors can be left open or closed.

Request to Exit devices can also be used to detect people trying to flee and allow the escape without needing to verify credentials.

The controller oversees all these options. The controller is the one which opens and closes doors. It communicates with all the units. For more information please click the link below.


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