A Look Under The Hood At The Diesel Transmission – NASCAR Race Cars

l transmission pan. This video explains everything you need to be aware of about diesel engines with high power.

1. Heavy Duty Parts

All parts of the ATS diesel transmissions are constructed to last and are durable which includes the break, clutch bags, and reengineered clutch plates. This lets you use more power and avoid burning the area.

2. Bigger Gear Sets

To facilitate use, the larger electronic unit is connected with the valve.

3. Copilot

The engineered copilot system pushes the torque of the engine to match up and holds everything in place.

4. Get bigger and better shafts

To improve performance, shafts are larger in diameter and are made from steel.

5. Torque Converter

Five clutches in the converter are perfectly incorporated into the engine to provide better performance. Also, the parts do not slip into the torque converter because bolts hold the materials.

This exclusive feature makes ATS diesel transmission a top choice for trucks with high-end specifications. The company also offers five-year warranties. e1sg1y7834.

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